Zane Fash
Biographical information


Date of birth

> 8 ABY

Physical description





1.83 Meters

Hair color


Eye color

Mostly Orange

Chronological and political information

[1], Praetorian era


Dark Jedi


Blood lust is such a simple feeling. I feel the need to kill so I kill. I see a Jedi all alone and I kill. I have never asked why because I have always killed. Why would I want to stop? The adrenaline, the pure joy I get from killing keeps me living. I think my veins run with the blood my victims sometimes, their strength given to me after their death. But that’s only a feeling. After I kill I feel like I could kill 20 more people, and then 50 more. My blood lust is a thirst I can not be rid of, something that must be fed continually. More then just the lust I want a challenge, which is why I kill Jedi. Some who know me believe I have a motive, but the simple answer is that I don't, I kill because I like it and it drives me.

- Taken from Zane Fash's personal notes


Very Little is known about Zane Fash except that he is a force userof the Dark Side and is considered dangerous. Most of the time he is seen in public he will mumble to himself and a few Jedi have heard him talking about "killing Jedi" or his "blood lust for a Jedi's force essence." Some merely think he was driven insane by the Dark Side. Others believe he isn't what normal people would classify as alive. Certainly everytime Zane has been met outside of combat his presence in the force is barely noticable which lead people to believe that he is very weak in using the force and thus he is not considered a threat right away.

While in battle though his force power magnifies many times over, it is still not know if this is the true extent of his strength in the force or not.


  • Unnatural Comprehension of the Force even though he has had no force training.
  • Does not seem to age at all even after years of time that have gone by.
  • Even after a memory loss Zane can still control all Forces powers at his side.


  • Constant memory loss, often times can not remember who he is or where he is for periods of time.
  • When a memory loss happens he is very open to attack as the period when these memory losses occur his brain temporarily shuts down.

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