Lord VolsungEdit


Information and HistoryEdit

Volsung is a member of the rare Arudai species, a race of humanoids native to the planet Erech, which lies beyond the galactic rim in orbit around a lone star. He was born as the son of a Chieftain's daughter, called in their tongue a Cha'ula. The Arudai, who consume the Force-sensitive sand crystals of their world to achieve a higher connection to Aru, their God (A primitive, pagan representation of the Force) do so during the delivery of a newborn child. The consumption of the sand gives the user's eyes a vibrant, cobalt glow which the Arudai call "The Eyes of Aru." The Sand is never consumed until after the child is delivered, otherwise their body will absorb it.

The mother, dazed and hysterical in the stress and pain of delivery, misunderstood the words of the accompanying Priestess. Believing her child to be beyond the threshold, she reached into the bowl of sands and swallowed a fistful. The crystals raced through her body, being absorbed into the baby as he was pushed outward. When he was delivered, the nurses shrieked as they realized that his eyes were already aglow.

Volsung, although of an influential clan, was shunned largely by Arudai society, primarily out of fear. They believed the child to have been born of Aru himself. He was avoided whenever possible, and had very limited contact with others outside of his family.

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