Banner of the Praetorium.

As the Dark Side surges forward, Darth Praetus' and The Sith push to power grows as the cloud of the Dark Side besieges the galaxy. The true and dear Sith Lord, Darth Praetus, senses power for all of the Sith in the unknown regions.

Praetorian Order MembersEdit

The following is a comprehensive list of characters that are members of the Praetorian Order.

The Leaders of the Praetorium and their Servants:

Darth Praetus
Darth Tra'cor (Exalted Chance) - (Sith Apprentice of Darth Praetus)
Calliban - (General of the Praetorian Forces)
Tsujin Huan - (Admiral of the Praetorium)
Vanadoth Elnth - Servant
Ror'Olak - (Direct Servant and Android of Darth Praetus)
Neziah Eapitaph - (Apprentice of Calliban)
Daekeig-ur - (Torture Master of Darth Praetus)
Luthian Thrabaoth - (Naval Officer and 2nd in Command under Huan)

Their Sith Order:

Faeneror - Speaker
Kiren Nay'lar - Sith Master
Morae - Sith Marauder
Raithe Sherad - Sith Marauder
Noso Ric - Sith Warrior
Alek Matayo - Sith Acolyte

Praetorian Army Edit

Juun Kaar - Tribunus Laticlavius
Lania Kelo'sin - Primus Plus
Octavius Brutus - Centurion
Claude Karin - Centurion
Cloud Cobra - Centurion
Rall Sleth - Optio
Corge Kal - Optio
Zargra Kerous - Optio
Rex Antallies - Optio
Jadev - Tessarius
Bentar Gorda - Decurion
Xefel Drak - Praetorian
Owen Maral - Praetorian
Jason Jakes - Praetorian
Sarius Darec - Praetorian

First Cohort:

Tribunus Oona Nerria
Tesserarius Ewwen Orn
Decurion Bentar Gorda
Praetorian Valderon
Praetorian Tren
Praetorian Zargra
Dark Jedi Support - Morte Vontapu

Second Cohort:

Third Cohort:

Tribunus Juun Kaar

Fourth Cohort:

Fifth Cohort:

Sixth Cohort:

Tribunus Ali Medune

Seventh Cohort:

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