The New Empire's history & backgroundEdit

Under the ruthless doctrines of Grand Admiral Nagel, and after the Battle of Coruscant, the weak, insignificant Imperial Remnant took power and became the Galactic force of dominance known as the New Empire, christened without the influence of Palpatine. Waging war against both the Alliance and Force Sensitives at large, they maintain a brutal training regiment in order to condition their troops into the best shape possible. The Galactic Empire now compromises all of the former Empire, the former Galactic Alliance, and the Desert Wind Union. All factions have set aside their differences and have decided to join together as one combined Empire under the leadership of Nagel. Headquarters on both the planets Fondor, Bastion, and Coruscant coordinate the entirety of the Imperial might.

Members of the Galactic Empire Edit

The following is a comprehensive list of characters that are members of the Galactic Empire:

Galactic Authority:

Grand Admiral Nagel

Senior Advisors:

David.J.Sunfell - Senior Naval Advisor

Advisory Council of Moffs (Five Only):

Moff Hellen Macarther
Morlish Veed
Moff Harley Asc'lern
Moff John Kegel
Moff Velve Zauviir

Imperial Army Edit


High General Wolfgang Olin
Maj. Gen. Adamska
Maj. Gen. Pido Geraf
Colonel Colin "Patch" Vans TK-698
Colonel Ross Christoph
Lt. Colonel Andrew J. Davis
Lt. Colonel Setti Foror
Captain Jason "Tank" Blackburn TK-166
Captain Lukas Wilhelm
2nd Lieutenant Kivan Dresarri
2nd. Lt. Crix Crams
2nd Lieutenant Steven Zeller
2nd. Lt. Naholan
O.Cdt Ardan Kepal
O.Cdt Veronica Tannis (TK-117)
O.Cdt Sean Kaldera

Imperial Armed Forces:

Major General Russell Howell (TK-555)
Brig. Gen. Bey Nayker (TK-421)
1st. Lt. Roger Wilco (TK-911)
1st. Lt. Atror Skylighter (TK-137)
1st. Lt. Conklen Arson (EC-702)
2nd. Lt. Walter O'Brian (TK-262/Scout)
2nd. Lt. Mik Dregg
M. Sgt. Delia Corteal (TK-427/Medic)
M. Sgt. Roland (TK-331)
M. Sgt. Geric Tsar (EX-ISC 694)
M. Sgt. Jason
M. Sgt. Norel (TK-777)
M. Sgt. Corren Beron (TK-6398)
Sgt. Jim Croese TK-2289
Sgt. Orant (TK-942)
Sgt. Cjr [TK-33]
Sgt. Jorek Talms (TK-422)
Sgt. Walt (TK-357/Scout)
Cpl. Jeff Percy (TK-409)
Cpl. Severus Mailstrum (TK-5436)
Cpl. Cale Canos (TK-2764)
Cpl. Janek Stuken (TK-5580)
Cpl. Hado Kraik
Cpl. Renz (TK-1224 Scout)
L. Cpl. Mcsan (TK-946/Scout)
L. Cpl. Mellisa Wiki (TK-1989)
Pvt. Simon Arch TK-1831
Jack Alico TK-348
Pfc. Sandrin (TK-484)
Pvt. Bredic (TK-248)
Pvt. Northerns (TK-858505)
Pvt. Kendor (TK- 543-Scout)
Pvt. Serta Far'Lak (TK-437)
Pvt. Kharon (TK-527)
Pvt. L. Zeppelin (TK-666)
Pvt. Ibils (TK-921)
Pvt. Hatake
Pvt. Altec (TK-5938)
Pvt. Keith Smithers (TK-721)
Pvt. Cameron Callyer (TK-733)
Pvt. Kain Cabal (TK-1240)
Pvt. Xek (TK-468)
Pvt. Moy Drylo
Pvt. Havok (TK-115)
Pvt Becc

Technicians and Engineers:

Technician Rachel Howell
ERT 'Hack' Briggs
EDC Samuel Roshuir
MCGO Manfred Stockman

Imperial Navy Edit


Admiral Vindar Xenth
Admiral Norz
Rear Admiral Yoklur Starsider
Vice Admiral Thracius Sidonius
Commodore James Folen
Commodore Xeng Masakari
Commodore Itira
Commodore Azymn
Commodore Levai Norash
Line Captain Sirius Vassic
Line Captain Joshua Cameron
Captain John H. Pelgrin
Captain Evan Harmoning (NPC)
Captain Freem Elari
Captain Montressori
Commander Jordan Sanria
Commander Dalon
Lt. Commander Lukt
Lt.Cmdr. Ariel Meyvn
First Lieutenant Dapix Splinik
Second Lieutenant Emile Skorpio
Petty Officer Joran Remora
Petty Officer Dieter Nargazz
Ensign Tamora Dregg

Starfighter Corps:

Flight General Hector Grant
Sqd.Ldr. Monterency
Flt. Sgt. Morgen
Flt. Cdt. Miles
Flt. Cdt. Herack
Flt. Cdt. Hall

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