Jack Donovan Keller
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Date of birth

< 1 BBY

Date of death

15 ABY

Physical description





1.8 Meters

Hair color


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Chronological and political information

New Republic


New Republic



Jack Donovan Keller was born on Corellia in the major city of Coronet. His parents were Rebel supports. When Jack was 16 he was sent to the Imperial Naval Academy to learn about Naval Warfare so he could later be of use to the Rebellion. After graduating from the Imperial Naval Academy Jack Keller was assigned to a Corellian Corvette, the HMS Storm that was just coming out of the Repair Dock. Jack gained control of the bridge and vented the atmosphere on all decks of the ship effectively putting a stop to any possible resistance. A taskforce of Rebels outside of the system jumped in and attacked the ships still in the docks and bombed the Imperial Base on the surface.

Three years later Jack Keller was a Commander of a Mon Calamari MC40b Crusier in the Battle of Endor and was crucial in helping protect Home One.

New Republic Military HistoryEdit

With the death of the High Command and the capture of Captain Norz the highest ranking Naval Officer at the moment Commander Jack Keller took action quickly. He mounted a larget taskforce to regain Captain Norz from the Imperial Remnant. Even after a failed attempt the Senate promoted Jack Keller to the rank of Admiral and he became the figure head for the Military along with General Ulysses.

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