Summary of the FactionEdit

There are scattered circlets of Dark Jedi around the galaxy. There are some that follow either of the proclaimed Sith Lords. Then, there are many who follow their own designated paths. Paths that will lead them to great power and strength of their individual destinies.


Dark Jedi:Edit

Dark Jedi Masters

Zexath Hedderrus Myst
Tyson Zaitos

Dark Jedi Knights

Johha Sunor
Cissero Ilura
Grand Baron Marulex De'Sade
Kar Honour
Vajiira Vaan
Lasil Ventura
Marcello Kalros
Sirian Vor

Dark Jedi Adept

Renn Bolask
Alina Magus
Galiraed Monsk
Zane Fash
Vei Vanto

Dark Jedi Fledgling

Dead Dark Jedi:Edit

Lord Volsung (Lord of Hunger)
Kale Farstarer
Naate Farstarer

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