The Bunrinator


Other Statements: The embodiment of Palpatine's plans for extra-galactic conquest, the Imperium would have been as powerful as a Death Star, but much more mobile. Equipped with a small fleet of capital ships, thousands of fighters, and innumerable support craft, the Imperium would have had virtually unlimited range since it would also have carried several World Devastators to produce needed supplies. With this ship, the immortal Palpatine would have spread the Empire across the universe. Rumors suggest that the crew would also have been "immortal" as well, thanks to cloning equipment that would have been onboard. Palpatine was not as immortal as he hoped, the rumour was that the ship never progressed byond intial planning before his final death. The rumour was false as construction of vessel had begun beyond the Outer Rim during the fall of the Empire. While some die-hard Imperials wanted to try and actually build it to use against the New Republic, saner heads prevailed and the Imperium remained only a terrible dream. But these die-hard Imperials thought this was a mere dream based on the rumour. The fact was Grand Admiral Nagel had been funding the completion of the 'Imperium's' World eaters and impulse drives. Once the vessel was mobile construction was completed over the 10 years pre-BoC and christened the Burninator by Grand Admiral Nagel at it's unveiling.

Eleven years after the Battle of Endor, the ship was sabotaged by a Coalition strike force, made up of special agents and jedi. While the others acted casually and brought attention to themselves, a Coalition corporal set a bomb at the Burninator's reactor. A council member, on another side of the ship, was killed by an imperial agent, under the orders of Grand Admiral Nagel himself. The bomb exploded, and the resulting chain reaction was breaking the Burninator apart. Many stormtroopers, officers, and navy staff were killed, but the most important staff (including Nagel) escaped unharmed. The Coalition special forces team also escaped, right as the ship was exploding. On Cloud City, they were congratulated for their heroism.

Military informationEdit

Ship Class: Imperium Ultra-Class Star Destroyer

  1. In Service: 2 years

Manufacturer: Unknown

Current Status: Repairs from the Battle of Coruscant are completed.


10,000 turbolaser batteries

10,000 heavy turbolaser batteries

10,000 laser cannons

10,000 ion cannons

1536 tractor beam generators

One Superlaser

5 World Devastators

Space to Ground Missle Tubes (Underside)

Mobile Torpedo Tubes (Topside)

Length: 260,000 metres

Crew: 1,500,000

Troops: 500,000

Cargo Capacity: 1,800,000 metric tons

Consumables: 74 years

Hyperdrive Multiplier: x4

Hyperdrive Backup: x18

Speed: 15 MGLT

Hull: 177,216 RU

Shields: 449,280 SBD

Fighter Capacity 1200 Squadrons

Other Craft

8 Capital Ships

7,200 Lambda-class assault shuttles

4,960 blast boats

3,720 drop ships

2,800 AT-ATs

1,400 AT-STs

356 Mobile Command Bases

2,840 repulsortanks

2,840 repulsorcraft

710 Floating Fortresses

9,686 Juggernauts

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