Alek Matayo
Biographical information

Unknown (Possibly Kamino)

Physical description





1.85 meters

Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

The New Jedi Order era, Praetorian era


Praetorian Order, Dark Jedi


This clone of Yamato Kamiya, although he believes himself to be his brother, has become deranged, driven by pure hatred and insanity. How he was cloned and who created him is unknown. He sees the attempt to transform the dark past of the Kamiya legacy into a good one as an insult; a form of treachery. When Yamato was a Jedi Knight, he was enraged at the path he had taken, so in response, he created an army of clones of Yamato, and used them to hunt down and kill as many Kamiya relatives as they could find. Eventually, Yamato himself, with the help of a few other Jedi including Mira and a dimunitive Jedi named Yoshi, destroyed and shut down the cloning process for good. When Yamato died, and word of a son that was destined to finally break the curse on the legacy reached Alek, he went on a rampage to locate him, eliminating the remaining relatives and Kale Kamiya's mother, but was unsuccessful in tracking down Kale. More recently, Alek encountered Kamiya on the world of New Bornalex where Alek was presumingly defeated, but returned, with a vengeance greater than before. He has since then become a Sith Acolyte in the Praetorian Order and had possessed Kale's padawan Yuna Lee for some time. He continues to attempt to make Kale's life miserable as well towards any loved ones he may have.

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